A deficiency or imbalance of nutrients can lead to a wide variety of health disorders. Nutritional supplements can be prescribed to assist the body in its attempt to re-balance a disorder. For example glucosamine and fish oils can be used as supplements for healthy joints.
Dietary changes can also be extremely beneficial for a variety of illnesses. Intolerance to lactose or gluten can be an underlying cause to illnesses such as psoriasis, sinus problems or irritable bowel syndrome. Supplements and dietary changes can also help with weight loss, high cholesterol, high glucose levels, and many other imbalances. Nutritional advice can be beneficial if extra nutrition is required for pregnancy or weight training.

Nutritional supplementation is often needed when dealing with genetic conditions such MTHFR and pyrroles , where an inability to absorb or utilise certain nutrients can cause or lead to the symptoms of the disorder / dysfunction. In some cases high doses of correctly prescibed nutrients are required to redress an imbalance.

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