Naturopathy is a system of healing that understands the connection between the body, mind and spirit.
Health is seen as not just the the absence of disease, but a state of vitality and well-being. As the name implies, it allows the healing power of nature to treat illness and promotes wellness by safe and gentle means.

The body is generally well balanced. If an imbalance occurs in one particular area, it usually has an effect on other areas of the body as well. So when symptoms present themselves, it is not enough to just treat those symptoms. Other areas that may be affected by the imbalance can be identified and steps taken to mitigate many other potential problems.

A body that is unhealthy or unwell will eventually have an effect on mental well-being. Symptoms that are distressing or ongoing, can make a person feel angry or depressed. Likewise, if the imbalance is mental, such as anxiety or stress, this can impact the body by causing lethargy and fatigue.

Stress for example, can change thyroid function, which can then change hormone function, or digestive function, which then leads to a variety of physical symptoms. If the treatment corrects the physical symptoms alone, they will continue to re-appear until the mental symptoms are addressed as well.

Patricia is a fully trained health professional that uses a combination of herbal medicines – both in liquid and tablet form, clinical nutrition including dietary modification and or supplementation, iridology as well as homoeopathy.  Patricia works with the patient and their needs avoiding overburdening them with too many things to take, she works at a pace that is suitable for the individual. Patricia’s training includes pharmacology- so she understands what is contraindicated to prescribe with your medication as well as what will improve the efficacy and decrease the side effects of prescription drugs.

Naturopathic code of Ethics

The Naturopath’s primary purpose is to restore, maintain and optimise health in human beings by following these six principles of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • A Naturopath shall endeavour to first, do no harm; to provide the most effective health care available with the least risk to his/her patients at all times. (Primum Non Nocere)
  • A Naturopath shall recognise, value and promote the vital self-healing power of nature inherent in each individual. (Vis Medicatrix Naturae)
  • A Naturopath shall strive to identify and remove the causes of illness, rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms. (Tolle Causum)
  • A Naturopath shall endeavour to educate his or her patients, inspire rational hope and encourage self-responsibility for health. (Doctor as Teacher)
  • A Naturopath shall treat each person by considering all individual health factors; the mind, body and spirit of the individual. (Treat the Whole Person)
  • A Naturopath shall support the condition of health to promote well-being and to prevent disease for the individual, each community and our world. (Health Promotion, Prevention is Best)