Consultation Fees (Telephone & Skype consultations also available)

It is important to us that you have enough time with us, and feel satisfied and confident in your understanding of everything we have discussed and the direction forward for your health.

With this in mind, please request the appointment length that you believe will best suit your needs.

If we do happen to run out of time, we will book your next appointment for the longer option, or book a further separate appointment to continue where we had finished.

 Initial Consultation

60 Minute Consultation

  • Includes health assessment, health history ,system review ,medicine /supplement review, symptom review, zinc tally test, blood pressure, nail and tongue diagnosis
  • $135


  • 30 minutes $75

Combination package – initial consultation + Iridology

  • 90 min- $180

Follow up Consultations

  • 30-40 min $75

Short / Acute Consultations

  • 20min $45


Skype consultations are available for you convenience (Skype name ‘patriciavansmith’)

skype consultation naturopath

Health Fund Rebates are available for all consultation fees