Children’s Health

Children respond very well to natural treatments.

I generally use a combination of homeopathic and nutritional supplements for the treatment of childrens’ disorders because they are so safe and have no side effects.

From babies with simple colic and cradle cap, to adolescents with ADDHD and everything in between, there are natural treatments that can help.

She has conducted further training with Ben Lynch for MTHFR (  as well as the MINDD ( practitioner training which really comes to the fore when helping children with stress and anxiety or children on the spectrum and to detox from environmental toxic exposures

Even if it is simply strengthening your child’s immune system when they seem to pick up every bug from day care or school. There are many effective natural treatments that can be used.

There are simple easy to take remedies for problems in infancy such as cradle cap, colic and nappy rash.

For the older child, problems such as bed wetting, ear infections, tonsillitis, skin rashes can all be treated with both the cause being addressed as well as the symptoms. Skin conditions are becoming prevalent in children these days and Patricia see a wide variety of skin problems in children like eczema and psoriasis as well moluscum contagiousum and hives.
Allergies are certainly becoming far more prevalent in children, and when addressed early the problem can be prevented from escalating as the child grows older.

There are also natural treatment alternatives for behavioural problems such as ADD / ADHD and anxiety, which are safe and have no side effects.

The treatment for behavioural problems can take several months, there is no quick fix pill, but the results can really be worthwhile.

For the child that has respiratory problems, there are treatments that can strengthen the lungs and respiratory system, or tonics to enhance the immune system if your child is prone to pick up viral and bacterial infections. All treatments are safe, non-toxic, and have no side effects, which makes them a wonderful alternative for children.