Patricia Vandenberg-Smith

Patricia has been assisting people with their health and offering sound, practical and effective advice to her clients for well over 10 years in a results oriented manner. She regularly participates in ongoing professional development seminars to ensure access to the latest in scientific approaches to naturopathic therapies, and keeping abreast of new and exciting complementary medicines as they become available.

Patricia believes in a balance between the intuitive and the rationalist scientific, and understands the need for integrating both within the healing process. Her consultations aim to empower her clients, allowing them to take their health back into their own hands. Re-education is one of the key aspects of her approach.

Patricia holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree (Naturopathy) from the University of Western Sydney and a Diploma in Homoeopathy from Endeavour College. This provided her with extensive training in both traditional and modern approaches to health and healing using the modalities of Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Homeopathy and Flower Essences. She employs scientific biochemical and genetic testing such MTHFR (MethyleneTetraHydroFolate Reductase) & kryptopyrroles as well as clinical signs – such as tongue, nail diagnosis and iridology.

Patricia is a professional member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and the National Herbalist’s Association of Australia (NHAA). She has conducted further training Ben Lynch for MTHFR (  as well as the MINDD ( practitioner training. She has a passion for treating children on the spectrum – where she assists with exposure to toxins such as vaccines , pesticides , chemicals and  genetic mutations.

Patricia has been an Examiner and Board Member for the National Herbalists Association Australia (involved with accrediting herbal medicine and naturopathy courses and reviewing standards of education)

 Patricia is passionate about using variety of therapies including – Herbal medicine, Nutrition, Homoeopathy, Fertility.

Patricia Vandeberg-Smith Naturopath

Naturopath -Patricia Vandenberg-Smith